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Look! I really am #1! Hehehehehehehehe

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warlock + shamans + a good rogue with brain (like merc crossfit sulla or some others) or if not rogue then a dk= almost sure win  ;D


my usual arena partners for 5x5

WARLOCKS : Tocino,Lyzzie,luleee,soulness,metaldevil 

ROGUE : Crossfit

DK : ME  ;D 

BARB : Hassn

Shaman : Spanish,Altay

NECRO : Darkk

2warlock + two shaman + me is a beastly party for 5x5



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A picture is worth a thousand words


Опубликованное фото



:friends: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

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i got a frustation in arena  with  rogue 82battles 52wins  :facepalm:  many loses vs shamans and tocino xD then i decided leave of my rogue and use only for rape elves and do arena 5vs5now i focus on my warlock make it strong, lvl up and amp it to +9 :bomb: rogue its really useless in war always die first maybe for my troll face lolo but really good for disturb. In some moments its better a range attack with a op warlock class lets dooooooooooooo itttttttttttttt  :spiteful: 

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Опубликованное фото



Опубликованное фото



omg  :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok:



how Reu can rape you????? its impossible  :facepalm:



lets explain :



1. Arena Result : owww yea  :'( :'(  you had f*cking bad connection.

2. Arena Result : omfg yeaa u were solo thts why your partner hit 1 damage ( or i raped him by  1 hit ;) )

3. Arena Result : owww..... shit ... u dropped phone when u saw me  :tease:

4. Arena Result: haha. u peed to your underpants when u saw me  :rofl:

5. Arena Result: oh yea charge died  :shok: :shok:



u had so bad lucky day . SO u lost me  :tease: :tease:





and the other BIG SS ...  what did you feel when u droped and kissed floor by my 1 shot?

you kid dont try act pro... dont feel yourself so . u trick only yourself  :facepalm:





and i didnt want to come to this noob forum again.... just i wanted to support my friend that is Machote.



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Reu/Machote #1 Lovers  :rofl:



Reu #1 Pro Gay also  :facepalm:



With bad English  ;)





can you say so ? could not defend yourself?  :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:



LETS VS ... LOSER will delete his main chars .. :diablo:

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English isnt main language for Reu and me, you can try speak our language before laugh at our english.





Pro english speaking does not make him Pro ranger.... waste all his salary does not make him pro ranger...

firstly u are retard brainless ranger  :rofl:

also  even u dnt know how to farm  :wacko: :wacko:  you noob have you met Eye in your life? its more handsome than you  :rofl:

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Let me think.......wow,machote and i  won all the 6 arenas against u.......and it was so easy for us........^^



Many connection problems again, or  do u have a really old-fashioned mobile/PC that laggs u all the time?



:lol: :lol: :lol: :tease: :tease: :lol: :lol: :lol:



The only scaring rangers are analyze, bellato & evil hits, but ure quite easy to kill...


I start to think that ur pew pew bow is just a toy,jajajajajaja.


So continue wasting arenas,that machote and i will add u more defeats!!

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