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Astrologer baton finally! My preciouuussss...

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I think im the first player in us sapphire (lvl 19-20) to own the lvl 17 staff and im so happy to finally get it :yahoo:  first of all, i want to thank all of my friends and partners for this, without u id never make it so far in just 1 1/2 days.. So thanks to my friends and partners for everything :friends:  heres the staff;



Опубликованное фотоОпубликованное фото



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Wow 150 tickets in 36hours, does your head hurt? That was indeed fast and great win rate too :)


i'm glad i didn't play 36 straaaight, i did arena right after update until 2am, then i went to sleep and woke up 12 am to continue.. My head tells me i should stop going hardcore on arena :blush:

65 messages  8)  woow. you forget to thank the noobs that demanded and loose, like ranger panchen  ;D


:rofl:  u didnt get a hit on our partners, but still, noone are noobs :drinks:


Grats shadow, i just buy my belt  ;D


Gratz u and jarlaxxe will own 2x2 ;D

congrats  :yahoo:  now stay out of 5v5 i want some wins :rofl: 



vs 2warlock 1nerco 1barb an 1rouge not happenin :sorry:


:rofl:  ill take a break ya, but once i get my tickets.. :blush:
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