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Clan Cerberus official launch (US Sapphire)

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Cerberus is mainly a tactical pvp-based clan. So if you're joining just to get a quick drop, prepare to be disappointed. However, if you're an MC/Forsaken that is frusterated with lack of organization and hates being bested by pointy ears all the time, or you just have a lust for Elf/Chosen blood, you have come to the right place.


For recruitment, we're mostly looking for:

- Players who are able to listen to instructions for strategy is a must

- Having bloodlust for Elves/Chosen are a plus

- Willing to help fellow MC is a plus

- Dual sided players are welcome


If interested, pm me or Zhuronghu in-game. Or leave me a message on the clan website: http://cerberus-clan.guildlaunch.com/


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lmao i posted another new topic because im blonde. ignore that topic lmao :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:  please whoever wants to be a part of this clan pm me in game or message me on forums. Zythus and i have been going over many different fun ideas and would love to hear from our soon to be fellow clanmates :blush: ;D  any imput is better then none :yahoo:

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Low levels can join too? I mean i could level up..8-) They use to kill me everytime at Gg cave while farming..


I prefer lvl 14 and up, and recruitment by referral. But doesn't have to be. lvl 14+ only cause any level below should/would be more worried about arena, questing, and drops for equipment. We could help with arena and questing, but drops are not going to be our strong point.

And referral only cause I seen it work better than random recruiting two-fold.


But still, pm me in-game and hopefully I'll see you in action soon.  ;)

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Add my lvl 18 warlock: deadlynoob :friends:


I knew Deadlynoob sounded familiar. Same for Eregion and Deviruchi, I want to see what you guys can do.


Can I join??  :shok: :spiteful:


If you had an active MC char you could.  :wacko:  Kath is already in.



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