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Hello everyone here in the group.  Well I'm a newbie and I want a class that needs less help.  Because?  Well the reason is because I play on the server but the one but where I live the time zone is very different so when I enter I do not see almost any player.  So I want a PVE class that is more independent of each faction please.  Help-me! I am freeplayer

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Hello there and Welcome to Arinar! 


Okay, as first - Legion Side. The most independent class that comes to my mind is the Charmer. It has heal, stuns, versatility, can be a tank, a healer, a support and perfect for solo even at low amps. If I were a solo player, I'd definitely go for it


Now, Sentinel Side. You may want to give a try to the Warden. The only problem with this class is that it becomes way more stronger once you reach lv18+ . It is the pure definition of Tank, and has enough skills to keep him alive without the need of healers. It heavily reduces the incoming damage received and can heal himself through the parried damage. 


These are the classes I feel they could help you: both are pretty cheap to build and might give you a start in order to eventually create a further new class. 


I hope to have helped you a bit and I bid you a nice day! 🙂

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Dk vs mobs is the best choice, but this class is not cheap at all, unfortunately.


Those two above mentioned classes are good especially when it comes on soloing bosses. I believe they can work pretty well vs mobs too - especially Warden.

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