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cronoz lvl 16 rogue us server stole 24k gold from my account.

he told me he wanted t trade and that he would give me after i gave him 24k. he never gave me anything.

now my acc has nothing. and he blackmailed me to not put this up.

i did anyways. pls help make warspear a better place and take away cronozz :sorry:

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Him and mariosh scammed me out of a lvl 13 ranger -- with full 13 gears except bow.


:cray: what? how can the maker of this game let people like ths still play and continue to hurt other players. i hope they do something about this :( :sorry: :sorry: :sorry: :sorry: :sorry: :sorry: :sorry: :sorry: :sorry:
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Are you stupid to give gold first then get item? 1 trade, all items/gold traded, end of discussion. I can't believe you fell for such a stupid trick. :facepalm:  Also, he is pathetic bcuz he copied Chronoz's name :bad: :bad: :bad:


He was my friend before.

well done :lol: :lol: :lol: u cant trust in anyone :bad: :bad: :fool: :fool:  And i only trust my friends


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