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Death Knight 101 - Blow of Silence

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hello and welcome to Death Knight 101

where i will be talking about the many mechanics and behaviors of the death knight skills

In this one i will be talking about of Death Knight Blow of Silence




As the skill describe, it bewitches your weapon in order to deal increased damage and disarm the target for the next attack


to start of, i think in my opinion that the skill description is kinda vague and hard to understand

but to make things easier, the skill enchant your next attack to deal extra damage and silence the target for sometime


now when i first started playing around with the skill

the first thing to come to my mind was AoE skills, what would the skill do if it activated from an AoE skill?


so i did some testing, and the results were interesting!


see video below



now my first experiment was with steel hurricane

as you saw in the video, before BoS the skill dealt 372 damage

but after BoS the skill dealt 415 damage!


now the real interesting thing is that the skill didn't deal increase damage to the target effected by the silence only, but the other target as well

which in theory mean that the silence and bonus damage are separate effects


my next experiment was with death call


see video below



as you saw in the video, before BoS the skill dealt 45 damage

but after BoS the skill dealt 48 damage!


now the thing that interested me here is that BoS didn't add bonus damage to the first tick of the skill

but to all 4 ticks of the skill in its duration, the skill shouldn't do that or at least that what its description make me thing

the first tick of damage should add the bonus damage then the damage should of gone back to 45 but that wasn't the case here



now for my third experiment,while i was brainstorming ideas i thought about what if BoS was used in middle of death call duration

what could happen?


see video below



wait what?

death call didn't get the damage increase to it, although the silence worked

i retried the same thing many times with the same results, i don't know why it behaves like this but i guess that's how it works


now for my final experiment, which if you paid attention to the 3 videos would notice

in all 3 videos the target to my left always get silenced


now i don't know why this is occurring

and i tried with different numbers of enemy's but the target to my left always get silenced when BoS is activated with an AoE skill

i just guess that's how the skill is programmed, or there is a default scenario that happen if multiple target are hit at the same time


while all this information is not useful in many ways

it can be used in someway


first use Blow of Silence before steel hurricane to increase its damage, increasing steel hurricane damage against all targets around you

this can be somewhat useful in dungeons or raids


remember that the skill will always target enemy to your left if used with an AoE skill

(although that's not confirmed)


this is it for death knight Blow of Silence

sorry for my lengthy thread this time, and that its wasn't that much useful (it was just me fooling around with skills >.<)

be ready for the next thread where i will be talking about death call and how it could turn the tides of battle

Thanks for reading...

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