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how to get the highest heal for lvl 14?,

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1st . Buy many signs 200 would be more than enough

2nd . ask in trade chat or search market for a full lvl13 astral set ( this is where your signs come in)

3rd . once u have full astral lvl13 gear staff+armor+rings etc, buy a astral crystal[staff] from mshop and enchant ur weapon.

4th . use leftover signs as you see fit (sell/use)



there is generally no astral gear for lvl14 only for lvl13.



I AM RIGHT! :drinks:

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Heal skill lvl 5


Cloak - Light Cape

Belt - Light Sash

Armor - Light Boilersuit

Gloves - Light Guantlets

Rings - Excellent Signet / Qualitativer Ring

Amulet - Graceful Amulet

Weapon - Twisted Staff (charm gives 36 astral, old gives 40)



then your heal should be around 225

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