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US-sapphire server always down

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haha no player on sapphire server is actually complaining about it. it just mean new quest every 20mins, if u do captured shaman and hydra every server down, then its a high chance u get a good item. look at how many people in kotaravva now taking advantage of the server issue.



No one complaining? We cant play. Chance of item is always the same? Your logic is incorrect.  :diablo:

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May be same chance to get an item but its many chances to get an item so her logic is perfectly correct  ;)



Maybe for hydra respawn, in that case kill kill kill  :diablo:  :dirol:  Mc or elves or chosen or forsaken, if u get a hydra kill and it drops...good job!!!! Thats epic! Who cares about arena update; if you killed The Hydra!  :drinks:

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