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A problem with Guild Events

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Morning Ladies and Gentlemen! :dancing-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:


I wanted to report a little error (I believe) happened to me and some of my mates 




The screenshot speaks for itself: Beholder and Avenger events are currently missing from my list. Hence I wanted to know if you guys removed the events from the game or if this is simply a minor error occurred. I thank you for your patience and I bid you a nice day! :bath:

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4 minutes ago, Reivenorik said:

@Higgings There were more changes?
Now events didn't appear? :suspicious1:


In few words, we should have a pannel where there are written all of the possible events existing in Arinar (in our case, Irselnort and Ayvondil)


On Irselnort, currently, we should have x4 events belonging respectively to Snorlar, Avenger, Demonologist, Beholder.


As you can see on the ss, the pannel doesn't show the events on Irselnort. I am asking then: Is it a bug or we won't have any event (including Snorlar) from now on? This problem has appeared on EU-EMERALD. My mates noticed it at 10:25 AM of today's date. I hope it helps a bit to find out what's going on 😕

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18 minutes ago, Reivenorik said:

Something strange is happening, all 4 events must be in place.
The problem seems to have touched only Emerald.

Trying to fix it now. 


Explained something more to devs in game. Thanks for your help Reivenorik! Let's see if it gets adjusted

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20 minutes ago, Lyzoic said:

the events firstly popped up without a cooldown once we finished them but once we relogged after event they got removed from the event list:intrigueddoge:


Devs are already working on it: in a matter of minutes, we will have a server restart and with it an adjusted list of available events! 🙂

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