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Paladin 'Block' setup for PVP

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Well, i have been trying to figure out a setup which can be used against other damage classes and i came across Block setup. I have been using this for past 6-8 months and i think its good time to share what i know. 



Double block shield

Arena cloak

Arena amulet

1 Arena ring + 1 block ring

Arena (helm + gloves + boots)

Winter vest (block + resistance)


With this setup i have 20 block (1 block ring) but resilience is 38%

(33%+5% with resilience book)


Now, if i change my vest to arena vest, i have 16+ block and resilience is 41.6% 

(36.6%+5% with resilience book)


I have pvped many classes with this setup and i feel its good against damagers like bds, rogues and rangers. 


Being +8 i was able to defeat few +8/+9 damagers. I asked them to attack first in order to check if pala can survive there combo. Well, in my case 3/5 times it did. 

It was not so good against wardens and priests. 


I would like to know if any of you are trying this setup. Any relevant suggestions or feedback is much appreciated.  🙂






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