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Warspear Online All Formulas

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I don't know how long the thread will live so to get around the limits and evasion real answer, I  created a thread on the forum for mathematicians  entitled  Regression to find formulas from dataset (from an RPG game - Warspear Online)
Everyone who knows formulas can write here to avoid moderation on forum.warspear-online.com
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I only know how the ampflication system works, but I do not want to disclose level (+3) to (+10) - due to the appearance of other sites named "wsdb".

Besides, I'm more interested in how to predict higher levels e.g 30,31,32 etc. and how the weapons formula is constructed.



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On 6/18/2019 at 7:54 PM, poszkodowany said:


If you want any chances on getting help, I advise you to write on Russian forum. 

Let's just say that developers haven't shown up here in a while and don't seem to share the same fellow feeling for the international community as once before. xD

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