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Anakpanah Quit Warspear

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hereby i pay my last respect to my oldfriend anakpanah who was a great ranger in emerald..he also my mentor, a good friend indeed..he quit and deleted his profile last week coz of some issues and problem... i will miss u bro,, really..


just hoping when i sit idly in swamp or riff looking at people around me aimlessly,, i will see a ranger entering the town gate with his shining blue bow waving at me Опубликованное фото and said ....'i'm back'.. Опубликованное фото


i pray u have a good life out there,,,,friend......farewell.

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;) anak where you are you will not be alone because you left your friends who you worship and that you always wait with open arms. You were a hero and has protected me many times. I hope someday you get to read these posts from people you admire. :cray:

If someday return please notify, so we have a feast and celebrate. It's not any one player but the Anakpanah, the man without fear. He who once was and always will be the Biggest Emerald Elf Server. Stay there my vote to you, buddy. :drinks:


I still have hopes of his return so do not say goodbye ...

God be with you! :good:

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great he know what better for play xD



he properlly relized that mages are the future of damagers classes in thks game

i personnally dont know him and never heart about him but i wish him to have a good reason to leave warspear and he solve that reason someday and.come.back :friends:

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They say pattahatti is dead so she cant be anakpanah. BTW, parang pinoy ksi eh. Anak is son/daughter/child and pana is arrow so in english he is Childarrow?


Late reply yeah she died :cray: because she has a brain tumour but idk if anakpanah is her or idk
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