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Unbid item


Unbid Item  

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  1. 1. Unbid Item

    • Decrease cost of unbid
    • Dont let item lose ampy and enchant

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No losing enchants and amps is very good, for 2 reasons.


1. Then people would only unbind and send items to friends or their lower level alts. And thats not the purpose of unbinding. Unbinding is more of  a recycle letting items go back to the people. The people that really needs them.


2. If you get hacked now people can steal all your gear with unbinding. Atleast now its alot less attractive to try to hack and steal since you can only get plain items. If the hacked account have alot of mc of course or they cant unbind.


I heard price is 1mc for first item and then 399? Ok 399 is alot. 59mc id say is my max price, but I think for now aigrind made unbinding more of a insurance then a multiple use. If you mess up and get something personal its good. But using it alot to trade with your alts or friends (free give away) is way to expensive which I think make sense.

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yea thts true  but scammer gets every items even +0  :crazy:



but if we talk about u dont get scam , item doesnt lose ampy when unbided is gonna be fine for your economy.

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Just play your own account!!!  O:-)  Dont get involved in the  :diablo:  Evil scammers! Its against the aigrind rules, its poor judgement, and its a pathetic way to cheat the system. You need to earn your right to play a class at high level! :clapping:  And anyone who is thinking of buying an account, shame on you!  :drinks:

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It is merely a fail safe for if you equip things by accident. When I suggested this (but a unbinding scroll) I wanted a low price but I do see that a high price has its benefits too. Right now I think a low price would be to abused and with enchants and amps it would be very abused.


aigrind made it a fail safe for mistakes or possibly selling a very very rare item. And I haft to agree I think its best balanced this way. Maybe they will make scrolls one day and then you can get it cheaper when its the sale of the day.

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I agree that its okay to loose it's amp when unbinding and item. But I don't totally agree to cost unbinding to 399mc its a way too much. . . . My max is 30mc for unbinding. Or should I suggest to create unbinding items using GOLD. . . .much better bt dnt much.

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