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I bought one, got stuck. Bought another one to try to make them fall, stuck again. Then I bought the chips next to it and the ones above it to try and make them fall, both failed. After 10x sweet chin music and pounding with fists and shoulder, only got one to fall. Then my coworker fished the other one out for me with a wire hanger. As katt williams would say, gotta love your white friends.

Опубликованное фото[/q]




60c... so cheap X_X

We would pay close to $3 from a vending machine here

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Old stock batteries (1800 mAh) vs new batteries (5000 mAh)


as you can see there is a significant size difference. So I had to take apart my external charger and make some "adjustments" to make them fit, since the stupid chargers have the connectors on the opposite side. Broke one of my chargers in the process, but well worth it. I love my new batteries, might just propose.

Опубликованное фото

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mehteran team in japan. next station china. warspear online new language Chinese . haha funny status.Let's see what will happen :pleasantry:






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