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I want to buy/sell/exchange items

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My only "real" chars there mechamatic mechasage mechaghoul and mechaskull

Ranger priest necro warlock


I do have a low lvl mage and pala, but no BD

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Buying any unwanted bows and crossbows for non-retarded prices, and crystals as well

I'll pay depending on level and rarity, but 10k is my max for a lv21+ unique, 1k gold for each bow/crossbow crystal

Emerald, legion side

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lvl22 max ring craft melee : HP218  accurcy 2.5 %  dmg 3%

its for use but i can sell if great offer 

some info 2 way sell :

essence 14 ethreal and 8 energy and 300k 

or 800k+ 



this ring is gretest to use for melee 


i am :Firemastar and Firexnecro 

US server       mc side 



 i can craft lvl20 amulets and clcoak too under deal  :)

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Buying :

• Energy Catalyst x 20

• Ethereal Catalyst x 20

• Shoes of Forefather Dragons

• Gloves of Forefather Dragons

• Apostate Warchief's Medallion


Selling :

• Eternal Warrior's Lavalier

• Heroic Endurance Boots

• Graceful Jade Signet (%dmg)


pm any of my chars in my signature, mostly i play on Laurelle. Thank you.

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Selling energy catalyst like 3 of em

And selling a lvl 13 honed axe

Selling [star Templar].


Oh and look up the topic: Dragonskey The Dragonslayer

For proof of costume drop with Level 10 Paladin ✋

Please hold your appluad im just a player.

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Trade Offer: stuff in US Sapphire, my elf item to your mc item.


Im looking for this items (in MC Sapphire):

1. Chiton/Cloak Of Darkmist

2. Lavalier Of Darkmist

3. Signet Of Darkmist x2


i have this in my elf char to offer, choose 1 of my item and i will unbind:

- Chiton Of Darkmist

- Ice Queen Great Amulet

- Ice Queen Great Ring

- Ice Queen Ring

- Girdle Of Ethernal Frost

- Falchion Of Ethernal Frost


* im not interested to trade with mc/elf golds or other items.


PM me here or PM in game >> necrozip



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