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I want to buy/sell/exchange items

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Sell Dazzling Staff +9 200k (SOLD)

Sell sign 15k 16 set left

sell guild lvl 2 200k

sell Median Night Cache & World Creation Cache = 30k set

sell Wedgehead Executioner 300k , Vampire Male 300k, Night Wolf 300k, Snowman 150k , Wild Boy 100k, 

Sell Archmage Skin 150k, Bloddy Stick (the most rarest skin) 150k


All is us server , MCS

Pm in Game Adywijayax , Necromancer lvl 19 (atm) 

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I am buying :

- Dark Skies gloves

- Halloween rings lvl 22 whit physical dmg


My server is EU emerald, pm me here or in game to Vanityx DK lvl 24.


I prefer to pay using m.coins (replenishing ur account) but ofc this option is only for the one I trust, otherwise I won't give as first.



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buying medallion of fear (lv20 halloween magic amulet), and lv22 magic belt (eternal frost), any of the new costumes

I pay very well

Buying Black Vampiress, Lady Warrior of Vast Shadow, Antiquities Hunter, Antiquities Huntress

emerald legion

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Buying dual lvl 17/18/19 axes obtained from either snow or horror on EU elf side PM Toodle


Also selling:


+4 Chlamys of Shadow (lvl 14 magic



Bow of Faceless Nightmare (lvl 13)


PM me in-game or on forums or reply here

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