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I want to buy/sell/exchange items

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old enchant rings + amulet + belt gives 2028 health  :blush:



nice set though, i kept my second set and puit crit enchant magic defense on them



how much you charging for full set? br server sounds fun


Actually i have no idea  ;D but i can borrow if u want them....or trade to something to my priest in US server (lv19)

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Sell labrys of Sinful call Lv16 (80k)

Sell Witchs Pike (20k)

PM me Ingame.

also Buy Any Snow Queens costume (male) 600k Mc side us sapphire

And lv20 Axe And

great ice Items PM me Ingale

Again with price thank you

bought all the items Wutches like and labrys still for

Sale thank you.

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Emerald Legion Side

For Sale:

①Caramel Staff x2

②Shield of Bloody Reaping

③Ripper's Scythe

④Warlike Fairy

⑤Icy Fairy

⑥Auster's Suit


⑧Shield of Overwhelming Fury x2


Collectibles/Useless for Sale:

①Inferno Bow x2

②Inferno Arrowshooter

③Crossbow of Overwhelming Fury


Emerald Sentinel Side

For Sale:

①Holiday Girl Herald


Please pm your offer.

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Wulturn's small ring lv5 (2 pcs)

Magic card (123 pcs), Power Card (60 pcs),Drink polar bear(38 pcs),Drink northern lights(18 pcs)

Vampire's Tincture (104 pcs)

Elixir of any class with 150%.

Demonic Potion.

invisible ink (600 pcs)

Dark Fool's Cap (20 pcs)

3 staff lv14s.

Vambraces of berengar's guard.

all the weapons lv13 from halloween event.

Rotting zombie costume



PM to Yushiko or tsprules MC Side Us-sapphire.

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Good morning / afternoon / evening :give_rose: 
I want one Deep Bracelet Lord, but I need materials (resources) :blush:;

I need:
13 Ethereal Essences;
13 Energy Essences;
14 Composed Essences.

Or if have this Bracelet to sell pm


I'm Simplício/Demonzs (EU-Emerald), im a Rogue

Who have one of these to sell let me know

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Buy eternal frost stick/staff in ELF side. PM Meiiosis.

Buy level 20 magic equips in MC side or pm me if you're leveling ring,cape, amulet craft. I pay for materials + extra gold :)  PM Meiosis


Sell Flower sceptre skin, black vampiress, killer clown costume in MC side [SOLD]



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