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I want to buy/sell/exchange items

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Eu - Emerald


Selling glaive of sudden doom


buying stave of sudden doom (necro)

(or trade)


Pm me here or ingame - zodar, zodarrr

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who know someone who sell unity sign less than 10k, p.m me in my account forum


EU-Legion side

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buy lv 15 ranger boot and glove (revenge or shadow set)....pm Babaroi/Benge/Capsguard or Flameberge i might be on one of dem on us-sapphire....plz at reasonable price not crazy price :wacko: ty  ::)


i already bought revenge boot dat means am now looking to buy revenge glove....pm me in-game through de above directory ty ::)
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My Elf name is Dragonskey - play Us-saphire

I am selling level 18 shield of heroic endurance I'm looking for a price around the neighborhood of 200k.

I am selling level 18 guilding thread gloves. Looking for 90k.

I am selling level 13 longbow+4 looking for 150k.

I am also selling this new stick I got called Forgotten walking stick level 15. Its a mage stick with accurate critical and penetration.

The market price is apparently 180k and I havethe pic for proof. I'm up for any good price on this please.


Pm me on this or in warspear if your interested.


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