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5v5 arena mode daily awards


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This whole thing about  ”daily rewards will be significantly increased” must have been a joke. For real.


If you manage to get 25wins in one day as a lv14, you will get a total reward of 29 imperials. Considering you need 1900 imperials to buy a single piece of lv14 greatness armor, you would have to do 5v5 for ovee 65 days even if you get the maximum rewards each day. This adds up to over 2 months of DAILY WORK in total. That just doesnt really make sense for me as you can get waaaaay better rewards for a way smaller effort in just 30days (#1 in an arena mode grants you a costume, a piece of accessory depending on the mode, and enough imperials to buy an armor piece of the corresponding level).


If 5v5 were to become active, the rewards on the mode need to be ATLEAST double of the current amount.




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