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Marcus Taylor

Survive a Crusade to New Island

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Posted (edited)

I think a survival based ship ride to the next island would be an amazing new feature.


How it works

-Players with max reputation in Ayvondale will recieve access to the "Crusade" which will basically function as a new mythic level dungeon.

-New Equipment and Weapons will drop

-Final Boss costume drop chance

-After defeating dungeon players can teleport to new island with scrolls or defeat dg to return to new island.


Phase 1

-A Pirate ship attacks our party 

  -Pirates board the ship and players fight them off.  After defeating the pirates the teleport activates and the players find themselves on the pirate ship.

  -Players then must defeat the pirate captain and his lackeys and obtain an item from him. and the teleport activates.


Phase 2

-When players return to their ship a raging storm has begun.

  -Players must activate ropes, sales, and repairs to survive the storm.  All the while fighting off various sea creatures which wash up on deck.

  -If they survive a certain of time the players must defeat the Kracken.  Fighting off his tenticals as they reach upon the boat.  After defeating the Kracken they recieve the 2nd item and ships teleport activates again.


Final Phase

  -the players find themselves crash landed on a tropical island where they procede through a labrynth,  fighting off skeletons and beasts.

  -The final boss is a vicious Gorilla King which the players battle in the fiery pits of the island.  They recieve the 3rd item upon his defeat and teleport back to the shore where the local tribe has appeared and repaired the ship as a reward for destroying the Gorilla King and recieving the 3 mythic items along the way.


The teleport is activated and players are on the new island ready for questing and exploration!








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Posted (edited)

original (1).gif


aaah...I totally enjoy it! 


Please, note that we're close to the release and big additions might not be possible for the upcoming update,

but this can be added in the future and I'm personally looking forward to it. Let's see what future brings..

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19 hours ago, Drakoknight said:

That sounds fun but why can't it be a alternative to norlant? And a lower level thing but everyone can go

I think at best it can give experience like Lab.  I don't think low level needs new content.  Maybe just increasing xp gain from quests so its easier to level to new level cap.

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