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Where are all the priests??

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I see druids all over and paladins and every other class except mage amd priest. Im lvl 16 myself and im pretty damn strong, just wondering why so few people try out this class?  :wacko:  Its hard to lvl but once your up there priest is epic!  Where are you my fellow healers!?  :facepalm:

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Yeah until i hit like lvl i always ran out of mana so fast it was rediculous, but now i have 257 mana and 14 energy regeneration. With full shield at lvl 5 i can always have shield up and mana regens fast enough so it always stays full. I hope people read this, priest is HARD up to irselnort, but you do get way strong. At least i think so hahaha maybe im crazy  :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :crazy:

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