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Penguin Commander (damager)

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In a cold place, a warrior was born, years later, He trained and tried to keep the island of ayvondil safe of the invaders with the help of humans.

penguin commander.pngImage1.png



Icono veneno.png     Poisoned daggers: Impregna the daggers with poison that will inflict a damage for a certain time.


Icono de rogue.png     Master of the dagger: A hit that will inflict a large amount of damage to the enemy.


icono rugido.png     Penguin shout: It reduces the physical and magical strength of the enemy, it also reduces the pressure.


icono salto.png     Furious jump: Jump the enemy quickly, which will hurt him and leave him stunned for a period of time.


Server: US-Sapphire

User: Kiickass

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