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Hydra Solution


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First, buff whoever is going to lure

Lure Hydra, run down and then to the right, mobs will stop attacking you and turn against hydra. At this point, attack hydra at full force, spam chop/poison, debuffs, etc


I solo hydra just now (only got it down to 1.8mil, just to test)



with 1 full pt+ mobs helping, I think it can be done.


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3 parties is enough to kill the blue hydra (1mil hp) not sure if its enough for the yellow+brown. The person who lures hydra must be healed/shielded and run down to evade mobs while the rest of the team attacks hydra. as for killing, the blue hydra drops (2 heads only :bad: ) dont know if the yellow+brown hydras drop more/less heads. The quest reward is similar to captives/captured shaman rewards mixed (lvl18+lvl17+runes[mabye scroll]) i only completed the quest once after the patch so the rewards may not be quite accruate.

hope this helps :P

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