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Lmao = Laughing my A$$ off.

Lmfao = Laughing my fu%*ing a$$ off.

Stfu = Shut the F%* up.

Pmsl = Pi$$ing myself laughing.

Lol = Laughing out loud.

Noob = Newbie

Rotfl = Rolling on the floor laughing.


These are the most common used in warspear. ( please excuse the offensive nature )

If you have any further you wish to know of, refer to google and search for "dictionary" or better yet "slang dictionary".


EDIT: http://onlineslangdictionary.com/thesaurus/words+meaning+acronyms+(list+of).html

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He could be referring to our game abbreviations:


BG= Berengars Guards a boss mob for level 15 farmable.

AA= animated armors mobs inside islenort underground.

T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 all refer to towns on islenort in the order they appear. 

FB= common abbreviation for elves (first born)

MC= can refer to human faction (mountain clan) or to Miracle Coins a purchased currency

CC= Crimson Corrundrum (spelled wrong im sure) refers to a currency you can only get by daily quest.

XP= Experience Points

HP=Hit Points


Hmm that's all that came to me off the otop of my head.

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He could be referring to our game abbreviations


Ah yes, you cannot find those in a dictionary  :rofl:


You could try this site: http://www.urbandictionary.com/


Also a great site. I Have had my share of laughs from this site, with their examples of some words in a sentence.  :lol:
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This is not acronym but..

shadows - means six shadows quest, often mistaken with bg quest, this is story quest, u have to wear special cloack to enter shadows gate located under legion camp, if u done this quest u cant enter this        gate again so hight lvls cant help questers


camper - person who stands near getways and trying to kill players who are passing this getway.

potter - means player who uses many pots in fight,

scammer - player who tries to steal personal information from others to take their accounts,

mobs - monsters, fighters, etc controlled by computer, u can get some valuable loots from them,

sign - means sign of imperishability, the item from mc shop which gives 100% chance to prevent amping item from destroying, loosing etc

amp, amped, amping - means generally amplification system which with u can improve ur equipment stats like DMG or DEF.

stats - means statistics, various numbers describing ur character like level damage, defence, health points, dexterity, attack speed, etc

hunt - means hunting bosses with party for loot

farm - for example "farm gold" means killing mobs to get loot and sell to get gold, more and more/


More abbreviations:

PT - means party, the group of players who cooperate with each other

LVL - means level the number which describe ur experience level

HP - means health points, the red bar on the top left side of the screen, from 3.0 there is number, it it reach 0 u are death,

DMG - means damage, the power with u attack enemies

DEF - means defence the value which describe ur power of defending yourself

EQ - means equipment, all things which u carry in bag.

TC - means trade chat

S - often in trade chat means "selling"

T - often in trade chat means "trading", barter

LAB- means labirynth, the secret place somewhere in astral dimension where u can hunt high lvl bosses

DQ - daily quest, quest which u can take every day, gain additional experience and some potions ( on new map "swamps" u can get some relly good items)..

CL - Chainless League quests, means quests to kill bosses on enemy side which unlock opportunity to hunt bg (berengar's guards) and to buy some really useful items.



1. Dark side (MC, Forsakens):

sea - sea monster

lake - lake elemental

garr - garr shag

gg- granite guard

2. Light Side (Elves, Chosens):

mara - maraksha

dinalt - dinalt ( ;D )

kratt - kratt

genie - genie of .. just genie  ;D

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