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NORLANT maze maps


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Just to let you guys and gals know, i have recently been personally running through the mazes again. And my conclusion is that the maps are still current.

If you are having trouble finding the route for any map, just remember... sound hint works, there is a duplicate place for every location, check for dead bodies and mob routes are different in each place. Mobs like to keep a fair distance from active/violent obelisks.

But still, some things may have changed. If you notice anything, please feel free to comment here to make others aware.


Good luck.  :good:


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Added alternate route to map 3.  :)


Just a side note. They have increased the volume for the obelisks. Make sure to stop before reaching an obelisk and make sure you don't hear whispering before moving past.


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Edited map 5 and included alt route  :)


Just a note for the alt route: I Found that there is a Gnoll on the left of the initial spawn. Thats how i personally tell if its the alt map or not.


Gnoll on left of initial spawn = Alt map ( orange route ).


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The Blue and orange lines in the maps  :fool:  Not seeing if it means right way or wrong way



Blue lines indicate one possible route and the orange lines shows another possible route.

Just to point it out further:

Each map has a duplicate ( two area's sharing the same map design ). Hence the reason for two possible routes ( Only one will work ).

There is small ways to tell the two maps apart by mob and tower placements, but it is easier to follow the maps using the sound hint.



Hope this helps with the confusion.  :)





20 posts to go Noob, your almost there  ;D

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