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best weapon for DK


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spear best for pvp.


Spear offers dark damage that allows you to add damage to your skills damage, increasing DPS


A sword gives no dark benefits. It offers a slightly faster attack speed, but does NOT increase DPS. It only allows you to take more damage.


Look at it this way; In pvp (arena) you want to deal as much damage as fast as you can. With a spear equipped your skills damage output is at its max with normal and dark. I've seen +9 arena spears using just pains crit 1.2k combine that with a stun>pull>pains combo your looking at nearly 3k damage. with a sword that would be about 1.5k or so.


If you find spear to be too slow try  leather armor, you may like it better

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DK is the most versatile tank class.

You could be a super tank or dps burst by using spear.

It just need a good gears match with the fighting style, if you are a good DK you will know what I meant.

I am tank type and like when the body of my opponent not dissapear for a long time because they were shocked how a dk with noob 183 attack can kill me  ;D

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I'm sold in using sword and shield. But my problem is arena sword lvl 17 has no accuracy and SD sword will take time to farm, any other options for sword?


I know this is off topic but bloody can you give me good idea for lvl 20 gears for sword and shield.. thanks in advance  :drinks:

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Unfortunately I can't help much regarding accuracy. It's a weakness amongst 1h. 10-12% is basic but to raise it higher you haft to sacrifice either resi or block stat which are very costly to sacrifice.


In this thread you can find two stat setups I like to use.



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