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Serious Violators of Game Rules

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Dear GM. Tempter, his arena sales rankings, If not accepted, he and all Yinyang guild, waste vsopsb time together, and they every day in the chat abuse vsopsb,also teyo command yinyang guild all players with recovery skills delay 6 minutes,Deal with all those who oppose them,Such delays and sales rankings are a serious violation of the rules of the arena game.Such behaviour deserves severe punishment.Vsopsb He spends all his time in the game every day.And spent a lot of money playing the game.For him, it was not a game, but an essential part of life.He should not be treated so unfairly,Everyone's efforts should be rewarded accordingly.
Because Tempter and kazakusbully new players to sell rankings.Vsopsb's friends took vsopsb's mobile phone and landed in the arena yesterday to help him, but they were reported by tempter to share the account. I swear I didn't know the account could not be shared, and I promise it won't happen again.
It is hoped that administrators will severely punish those who violate the rules of the game, that is, those who lead to this series of errors. Please ask GM to take a closer look at the time-wasting video of Yingyang union. The video evidence is just one of the games. The fact is that every game every day, as long as there are Teyo people, is delayed until the last few seconds to kill vsopsb.
Vsopsb only wants to devote all his money and life to games. He has to recharge at least several hundred dollars every month, and every day he spends his life in games. He should not be treated unfairly!

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Posted (edited)

Hello there!


Your problem with time wasters in arena is understandable. However, this doesn't go against any rules Aigrind has set. As annoying as it is, you just have to accept it and maybe find a counter strategy?:huh:Also, matters such as arena rank selling are in game problems and therefore have to be solved on your own. When people won't let you do arena freely without paying gold, you have to fight them:angry1:


If you see people insulting others via chat, feel free to take screenshots as evidence and send them to our technical support 🙂 They usually deal with such matters.


About your account sharing problem: This is also something the technical support deals with! But no matter what you do, I fear they won't be able to help you. When entering Warspear for the first time you have to agree to the EULA. Without agreeing, you can't play. You agreed to having read and accepted all terms and conditions, and by that you read and accepted the terms about account sharing. 

Please, be more careful next time and read before you agree to something! 


I hope I could clear some things:) 

Good luck!

Edited by Morgana

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