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Death Knight 101 - Dark Shield

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In this topic i will be talking about the many mechanics and behaviors of the death knight skills

In this one i will be talking about dk most iconic skill Dark Shield


As the skill describe, with some chance it ignore damage in accordance with your defense

leveling the skill does not increase the amount of damage the skill ignore, but it only increase the chance for the ignore to happen

when activated the skill will calculate your armor and give you a buff that ignore damage in accordance with that armor value


now the real catch with this skill is that it does not calculate your armor constantly (or when ever you get hit)

but only when the skill is activated!


see video below



as you can see in the video, i activated the skill when i had my gear on and a armor value of 7800

then i took my armor off and started getting hit, you can immediately notice that i still get 0 damage although my armor is 0

that because the skill got activated when i had armor

but the moment i activate the skill again, it calculate my new armor value, which is 0 and i get hit constantly to death

without getting the 0 damage


this information can be really useful to know in a lot ways


first of all be sure to activate the skill when your armor is at its highest value

like when you are effected by shaman earth protection

or when you are under the effect of scrolls and potions

use skill aura of hatred then dark shield for extra protection is also useful


another cheesy strategy is to have PvE gear then use dark shield then switch back to PvP gear

giving that your PvE gear give more armor, making the skill more useful although your armor not as high


one last thing

make sure to not reactivate dark shield without making sure your armor is at its highest

as activating the skill again will reset the buff with the armor new value


this is it for death knight Dark shield

be ready for the next thread where i will be talking about death call and how its useful in PvP

Thanks for reading...


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Not to mention the work of Icy Relic of intractability, which works in a wonderful way with this skill.


And many of the things you wrote were unknown to me, or at least I didn't pay attention to it. Very nice, very good attention you give to some details.



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17 hours ago, Lukazzz said:

Pure DK addict, it will help people to understand if you show that Dark Shield buff. But seem you wouldn't show your ign or? 

well that's part of it, i didn't really want to show my ingame name, but also i thought it is unrelated, i wanted to focus the attention to the character and how it is receiving damage

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