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1. Add new potion containing life and energy and marked with purple color

2. Add incomplete rune of resilience

3. Add an item for changing item parameter

4. Add revive scroll

5. Add guild: chat, trade, event, mail

6. Add more miracle items drop from mobs or BOSS

7. Add more item upgrade ways like binding, mixing, fusion some precious stones

8. Make plus minus (+/-)  for bonus stats of item

9. Add new event, BOSS raid

10. Tournament

* players will receive 1 free tournament tickets every 3 hours

* tournament allows to match 1v1 and 2v2 with 3-5 rounds

* tournament is availlable up to 20 stages, who wins will go up 1 stage.

* tournament points (TP), can be traded for new valuable items at tournament shop

* players who win the battle will have chance to get item drop from their bag (5% success rate)


For example

Stage 1

Battle 1, nina vs neni -->

Neni has won the battle and up 1 stage

+20 TP

Received mid life potion

Nina has lost the battle

-10 TP

Drop mid life potion


Battle 2, nunu vs nana -->

Nunu has won the battle and up 1 stage

+20 TP

Nana has lost the battle

-10 TP

No drops


Battle 3, nini vs nono -->

Nini won the battle and up 1 stage

+20 TP

Dull crystal of accuracy

Nono lost the battle

-10 TP

Drop dull crystal of accuracy


Stage 2

Neni, nunu and nini searching for new competitors, random matching...


Neni vs nini


Nini won, and reaching to stage 3

+30 TP

Received arena ticket

Nini lost and going down to stage 1

-20 TP

Drop arena ticket




TOP 20 Stages

Available level 18 gears with ressilience bonus stats xD


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1,5 and 9.....similar to ti***me :lol:



but i like the guild system...and add universal market will be good, so we can trade between faction.


Not only in that game, but the most of popular mmorpgs have this one, and about BOSS raid its great, anti-boring and best in game.
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