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Warlock Guide?


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Only players who playing with fast connection, can control perfectly when using two manual control skills


Its easy killing green mob without getting any damage of mob,

First, you should manage a potition

Then put puddle 1st on mob target and lock it with dark circle --> dark arrow --> fear --> atk --> run back --> put puddle --> atk --> circle again, repeat. Now look! You still have 100% HP, no damage of mob :)


Make sure you have 5th level of dark circle skill, dont use puddle on mobs cuz its just making mobs take agro on you, dont use any damage skills when running/crossing, remembering that warlock is using clothes without pure heal, and its just a luck when you get healled by a healer cuz some healer only focus on tanker, just follow them and help running by circle, done.

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I already figured out how to get NO damage BUT the problem is the mana  :bad: usimg arrow,circle,fear takes 3/4 mana per enemy,than 30sec regen  :bad: but i will give warlock a chance,awesome skills + in my opinion best pvp class

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Just try to get a high mana pool+mana regen.


My mana pool is 223, and regen is 14. I can spam so many skill i want in arena in start, and keep increasing it goodly if i get hunted by a meele :lol: .

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