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why market not selling to all faction?


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Market are suppose to sell item to all faction.By doing that we will be happy with the drops because at least we can still sell it.Just imagine elf and chosen got spear of sudden doom,what are we suppose to do???sell it to the shop for few gold???its tired to farm in astral for days and you got only drop that people call crap :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:  when if we can sell it to the market which other faction can use,we probably can few sets of sign.Idk why dev not including it in market system.we pay for the market fee and the deposit too but those item still cant be sell because none can use it.

So if dev have good attention to us,you should make it happen in the future.Or atleast change the drop system for all factions will be suitable for us.




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Market is always right. Who are you to make new rules .. If you get some items which is use for the mc ..then go to nadir.. the comman land give the items to the dealer .. And dont be over greedy as you always be sell it in little less gold

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