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I'm a long time mmorpg gamer. A few games I've played in my days had the , brace for it... Player Kill option!


No player kill is not pvp or arena.

Most of you only play warspear or wow.. so you probably won't be too familiar with it.


In most cases, you either have to buy an item from shop, which will put you into pk mode. In this mode, you will be red to all players, you can kill anyone you want to, even from your own faction. 

The best thing and worst thing about it is, you have 10%+ chance of dropping an item from your inventory, including those equipped.

You will be in pk mode for a certain duration of time (1hour).

And when the time is up, your time will simply turn white again and you'll have to buy another of these items to go back to pk mode.


Now this is another way of engaging in pk mode.

You don't need any items, but in this way you simply have the option to attack a player of the same faction. If you attack that player, your name will turn orange during the fight and if you fail to kill the player. The name will go back to white.

Now if you kill that player, your name will go red. Giving you 30 mins in pk mode. Same rules will apply with a percentage to drop an equipped item if you are killed during pk mode.

Now kill another player and your name will turn darker red, another and it gets darker. Kill 5 or so players are your name turns black. Giving you about 3 hours in pk mode. Once you reach the 3 hour limit, every kill you get the timer will simply reset back to 3 hours.


Just a thought, this could make the game that much funner, pk groups, and pk hunters. You know.

If anything, since personal items can't be dropped, player can also drop a percentage of his gold.



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I know this idea from game called "Conquer 2.0" There was a prison for ppl who were catched by pk killers.


Yeah never played that game. There are a lot of different games with these type of game content.

Cabal online and 2moons (Dekaron) both had the pk / prison functions.



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Not only cabal online, but many popular chinese mmorpg have PK feature. @gotek it seems that u have experienced playing mmorpg and i like your idea.

PK mode is like VIP that we can do more actions in game, like we can kill players even they're an ally xD

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