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Weekly Arena Tourneys?


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Well I was playing an fps game today and saw that they did weekly tourneys for clans. Well how about we start doing arena tourneys? It can go as follow:


8 teams of 3 (3 vs 3) for each level bracket

Broadcasted live on twitch.tv or some other site like that

Each team must have at least 1 alt

Held every Friday or Saturday

1st place and 2nd place wins prizes (of course the only good prize would be Miracles Coins)

The teams should have a nickname so itll be easier to do the brackets

The winning team should have a MVP who would win a bonus prize (the person with the most damage/kills)

This would be a good idea and would bring a competitive spark to the game. Devs if your reading this you should really consider this idea and message me for more suggestions on how to hold this would be fun event  :good:



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