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Who Do you Want to PVP? (New Version)

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Pvprange is beastmodes :facepalm:



where was pvprange a couple of months back? i remember when this post was first created, today, i just KNEW you´d reply here bragging about yourself, and i was right :facepalm:



What make you believe that you´re a professional player? A true professional´s skills doesn´t come from a well amped bow or sword, but from the skills they master,how  mature they are, and how well he respect other players around them.



I´ve played this game for more than 2 years (the time when we had ranking system,no mshop,no overpoweredplayers, helpful players, the time when peace and harmony actually existed among our faction)



I would never ever in the whole wide world consider myself as a pro, even though people call me a "pro" I´d never start to brag saying tham im a "pro" noone can beat me etc.



For The sake of humanity´s fate, Please pvprange, just Please, if you want to be respected (which i think is abit too late now) please, grow up :facepalm: 



Stop acting as a 9 year old child when you´re a 34 year old "security guard" with alot of "female friends"

if this is how you´re acting in real life, i wonder how many friends you´ll have left by the end of this year :facepalm:  i tell you beastmodes, continue like this, and you´ll end up having no friends, no in-game friends (Hey i bet you miss erikalt dont ya?) SO..my point is, GROW up pvprange, stop bragging about yourself before its "too late." (guess it´s too late now anyways :facepalm: )

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