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Please Bann This Scammer


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He make me laugh.i want buy berengar item gloves of berengar shadow.and he pm me.see pic below.he want i give 20sign first.pass i say if i dont agree.he say me scammer.and i want to see that item in trade.but see he answer just make a link of his item...yesterday he already scamm other player.so please bann him GM...best regard from me   Bann this ID "SEVANIX"   My name alvin : ID "CYBERCRIME" and "FARUKX"





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someone already scammed before man.so i can say it here.he cant show that item.and why he ignore me if he can show that item?think it with logica man.i just want him to show it.in trade not in chat.everyone can copy other chat link to scam if him use chat link only.

:-D  :-D    :-D

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See this pic below...i try to buy her item...but he wont show in trade...hahaha lol...


he want to give half item first and he give half item in second trade...


and see someone get scamm from sevanix...why GM dont do anything???


i already 2 time try to buy her item...and same...


please bann now gm...dont wait anymore...


best regard from me...




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