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skentayos scammer!


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Hello Warspear

I'm Skentayos ...

In those days I was talking hunterdown was scammer

but he has no right to talk about it because he stole 100sign

the Lendariosp-bd 16 lv.

I was going to make a negotiation with hunterdown but he wanted me

pay only the other day and told me I would 50sign q noquele give more time and then he gave me the 20sign 50sign

I was expecting him to get the rest when my father called me for lunch xD so I quit the game when I returned

was in trade chat "SKENTAYOS SCAMMER 50SIGN at FORUM"%) I do not understand because it was a negotiation

after that I went to meet him and gave him 50 of the 30sign

he passed me as if she had already precipitated

and I was told that scammer got 20 sign him stop being evil character not waited for my return I got to talk with 20 sign as payment of his lie but if I communicate to administrators

I'll just return these sign ... He is lucky I return 30sign him because he's not one to back nen lendariosp

he stole 100s and not returned nen a ...

I did not steal it were just a negotiation but he rushed and called me a scammer.

I returned the sign it then I'm not scammer with 20

as payment of the lies he told in trade chat

if I'm asked by administrators to deliver esras 20 to make it so ...

Warspear and one of the best mobile games and continue playing wanna thank all the tension housed ;)


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