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Helping week on Melvendil


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From 3. to 7. September im at elf 1. island Melvendil to help people for free. If you guys need a boss there, then meet up the "Boss-day" or write here.


Since i still go in school, i help from 14:00/2pm to 17:00/7pm.


3. Pirate Captain***

4.Wolf Leader***

5. Forsaken Commander***

6. Undead Bear***

7. Black Unicorn***


I will of course also help with yellow bosses.*

I help free.**

Just because its not the day that i kill the boss you need, its dont mean i dont will kill it. So i can kill Wolf leader on Black Unicorn day.***



*Only yellow bosses in the redbosses region, so I dont do ancient plant of prey if im at Wolf Leader region, or fairy queen if im at Black Unicorn region

**I help for free, but if someone really really want to pay me (Which i guess no really really want) , i take the money.


So dont worry if you need a boss on Melvendil, I will come.


Kill count (Total):


Pirate captain: 4 times

Wolf leader: 9 times

Forsaken commander: 12 times

Undead bear: 8 times

Black Unicorn: 5 time



Us server

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Hey SNP, if you need a healer just PM me on those dates. The druid's name is Cypherxx. It's heal is just 196 but I guess it's enough for FB 1st map's red crown bosses.

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I think that i will need a healer at Unicorn, but not before. I doing daily now, so i get some pots, but always good to have a healer. :good:

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Status on 3. September


I started day with writing in tradechat that i help with pirate leader for free. No1 answered, you i went around the region, and found some who want help. Just helped a few in the pirate captain area, so i moved to the wolf leader area.


Many times people ask me can i get some gold, were some even asked for 1000g. I just gave gold to 1 player, and it was just 38g, but also 3 def sph l and 1 dmg sph l, and he became very happy, mostly for the sph.


A player there asked me if I could help him with the satyrs horn quest. I said yes, and helped him for free. I meet a lv13 bd there during the quest, who were selling the horns for money to a new armor. When he heard that i was helping with the quest for free, he got mad and started to insult me, saying that i should go away, and asked why i at least dont take money for my help. I answered that i get a value, the happiness of the people i have helped, and he got more mad.


Kill count:


Pirate leader : 3 times

Wolf leader: 3 times

Forsaken commander: 4 times

Undead bear: 2 times

Black Unicorn: 0 times


*There where more of the speak between me and Dwarfmic, but everytime i tried to take screenshot, the  chat were scrolling down.


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Status on 4. September


Just few mins after i have entered the game as my bd, i got 3 private messages where people aksed me for help.


First 30 minutes i killed wolf leader 3 times and Forsaken commander 1 time. Time going very fast when helping. Im asking people that they can send me a private message if they need help, but they say that they dont need help, so im not really busy now.


5 minutes after i wrote that im not busy, i finally get a job. Kill the yellow boss "Furious flame". After that i helped a plaer who could not speak english, only spanish. And since i cant speak spanish i used Google Translate. He got happy when he was done with the wolf´s fang quest. Then i helped another player with the flame.


Got my first Unicorn kill at my "Helping week on Melvendil". Was done with a 4 mand party, which did include me, 2 lv12 bds (And damn, they were very very good with their agro.) and a lv12 ranger.


Got the compliment "ur looking good". A friend asked if i could help him. The friend actully just needed to kill some mobs, which he could do on own hand, but i dont say no to help people (Ok, maybe i say no on Irselhort :spiteful: ). Found a player who needed whole 11 bosses (including our friend, the lovely Wolf leader). Got many compliments from him. The best was "u are a beast!". He also needed a quest were he should collect wolf´s skulls.


I needed to stop 40 minutes before 17:00/5pm, cuz i got big amounts of homework.



Pirate leader : 0 times

Wolf leader: 4 times

Forsaken commander: 1 time

Undead bear: 0 times

Black Unicorn: 1 time



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Status on 5. September


Started with killing Forsaken commander with one questor. Then killed Forsaken commander again, with full questor party.


A player who i have helped yesterday, asked me if i could hold some stuff for him, and then give back the his other char. I did it, and then i learned him, that not everyone is good people, and that some say that he can trust them, but then steal his things. I helped a full party with questor with Undead bear.


Then i again helped with undead bear, but other party where there, so we helped them with kill, but no1 got the kill. Not my party, not his. :unknw: His party went away, and we killed bear (And got kill) . Then i went to wolf leader, and killed it, and then i killed the miniboss monstrous bear.


Then i went again to Undead bear. After that i helped a friend with a quest where he should kill a yellow boss and a green mob. After that i did Black Unicorn with a ranger and 3 druids. :rofl: Then, the same party went to Undead bear.


Pirate leader : 0 times

Wolf leader: 1 times

Forsaken commander: 2 times

Undead bear: 4 times

Black Unicorn: 1 times


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u should try to help on chosen map too. lol.  :spiteful:


I cant swear, but maybe i also come a day to Langasard. I have been there before. Nice place. ;)
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Status on 6. September


The day started with 40 minutes where nobody needed help. Then i finally found some1 who needed help. I went to Wolf leader, and then i went to Ancient plant of Prey (Yellow boss) with 2 questors. Then i helped a bd with the "Kill Satyr leader and Warlock quest". Then helped a Lv10 bd with Forsaken commander. Then i was on a trip. First Pirate captain, then Undead bear and then Forsaken Commander



Pirate leader : 1 time

Wolf leader: 1 time

Forsaken commander: 2 times

Undead bear: 1 time

Black Unicorn: 0 times




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Status on 7. September


I started the last day of my helping week with killing Black unicorn twice. Then i made a lv2 druid that heal 35 to help me. I killed Black Unicorn for 3. time and then i went to Undead bear. Then I and my druid went to Forsaken commander. I killed Forsaken commander 3 times in row.


Stopped to help before time cuz my mom got sick.


Pirate leader : 0 times

Wolf leader: 0 times

Forsaken commander: 3 times

Undead bear: 1 time

Black Unicorn: 3 times

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