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Merchanting Guide [Updated daily]

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Hello Everyone!



I'll do my best to teach you have to merchant. Hope this guide helps you.


Before even getting into merchanting learn the prices of each item in your server. Learn the price of berengar guard drops, Sign of Impherishability's, every miracle shop items and drop you can imagine. For starting to learn about these you should look at trade chat and see which items are sold in which price. But don't forget that the prices you say may be too high or too low. So don't judge its price too fast. Look at other peoples price too.


I also want to give you another tip for merchanting. Some people who sell their items for much money usually do that on purpose. They wait to see some of you to jump and get the item. This usually happens when the item is not much droped. What you should do is just wait till the price is down. But be sure that the item is overpriced. Because if you don't the item may be sold to another person.


So lets get to merchanting now. Before merchanting I strongly recommend for you to have some money. 20k is enough for the beginning.


I want to give you a really simple example, Sign of Impherishability. This item is sold by 20k in our server (US - Sapphire). You can do two things.


First one is:

Wait for the daily discount to sell Signs for low money. Buy some sets for lower then usual using trade chat. For example 3 sign sets, 13k for each set. Then wait the next day and sell your sign sets for 20k each. Don't give up fast! Because the next day a few people may need because of the discount the day before. So what you earn will be 21k. That is really good I guess! You nearly doubled your money. From 39k to 60k.


The second way is:

Get a sign set for 19k or 18k. Sell it for 20k. 1k or 2k profit from a set. You can keep doing this and maybe you can get 5k,10k per day.


Raising an items price.

Using the market is the way to raise an items price. You have to be really carefull on the prices. For example buying Stall (The Miracle shop item which makes you put more items on sale in market) is actually a good way to raise an items price. Why? Ok lets see why. I will tell you a simple example with a Reliquary. Look at the Reliquaries which are on sale.  Lets say 3 people put up Reliquaries for 200 - 210 - 220. What we will do is buy these 3 Reliquary's and sell them for higher prices. Lets put it for 300 - 300 - 300 or 400 - 400 - 400. This will make the items quality raise up and may make you loose some money but it will raise up the items price up. So keep on buying The low priced reliquary's a few days or a week. This is only recommended if you are going to farm for Reliquary and If you have hight percent of money.


I will tell the prices of the items in US - Sapphire server in a few days.


Item prices of Sapphire server:

[Will be added]


Don't forget to give + karma if you liked it and feel free to ask your questions! :)


Good luck merchanting!

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Today you have a really big chance in Sapphire server about merchanting!

Sign of Impherishability discount!


Do the second way and win your first money from merchanting!

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What happened to the tips? I did the 2nd way, most times now I am studying items for runes like Rune of Block and see its 2200g to 3000g, I sell 2000g only to get a buy more easier and try not to overprice things :) So I need more tips and so far I have 50,000g from sells and bought items for my level 6 and level 10. Please put on more tips.

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