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[2019.03.26] New Warspear Online client for Windows

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Good news for everyone who plays Warspear Online on Windows! Today you can download new client from our site, which we have made the most comfortable for the game.


What is new:


Fullscreen mode to enjoy our glorious pixel graphics. And you will still be able to play in windowed mode by choosing a convenient size.

Special hotkeys to help you react quickly in battle or open any menu tabs with just one button.


Remember, the quickly action can radically decide the result of any battle! And we publish all the hotkeys that will work in the new client.


Using abilities and skills: numbers from 1 to 5 and keys Q W E R T


Quick access menu / left menu button: F1

Main menu / right menu button: F2


Menu functions:

A - All atributes

S - Skills

Z - Chat

X - Society

C - Character

I - Inventory

J - Quests Journal

M - Map


Switch between fullscreen and windowed modes: Alt+Enter


Hurry up to download now — you will definitely notice the difference!


Note, that the new client will only run on Windows 7/8/10. The old client will be available for the Windows XP.

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i tried old and this latest, the older has wider view and better graphics, and both can be fullscreened, the latest windows is kinda blurry and when u press Alt+tab and go back to ws, the windows is not fullscreen again, so old windows ws still better when it comes on fullscreen


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Can you give players a choice to switch slot hotkey letters? For example, pick either 6,7,8,9,0 or qwert.

Now I have thisbandicam 2019-03-28 23-08-02-638.jpg

and I find this really inconvenient, because I'm really used to 12345 67890.

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