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About BladeDancer Expert Skills

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New Bladedancer here, as I come close to lvl 18 I am thinking about expert skills. I am more of a pve player, (solo etc), I don't really care about pvp, maybe that later.

Anyways, I was just wondering what the best pve expert skill(s) are for bd, and what lvl would you recommend to level them to. 

I was thinking for shield, but i'm not sure how helpful that would be.

Any responses would be hugely appreciated, and i'd more prefer an answer from somebody who actually knows what they are talking about.


Edit: Im not even sure if this is even in the right part of the forum xd

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57 minutes ago, Futsters said:

Edit: Im not even sure if this is even in the right part of the forum xd


Now it is! :pin3:

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This is how I set up my skills and I'm also a full pve player!:) When it comes to basic skills from the first screenshot, I believe that is the best set up to have. Hamstring is kinda of no use because bosses resist it in 90% of cases. Aggro is just semi necessary if there is no other tank in your party (Warden e.g.). Whether you level up Parry or something else to 3 is up to you. But if you go for equipment which contain the stat parry, make the skill lv3. I have a non-parry built but even then it helps now and then! If you go for full parry built, make Parry lv5 and Sap lv3. In all other cases, Sap lv5!!!


When it comes to expert skills, you have quite a lot of choices :D It's not easy as everything also depends on the gear you use. Personally, because nowadays Bladedancers don't tank very often anymore, leave Counter Strike at lv1. The cooldown is kinda long compared to the effectiveness of the skill. The little damage reflection really isn't worth it.  

In my eyes, Enlightenment is very useful! At lv3 it increases your accuracy more than 10%. A good amount of accuracy is essential for a damager! With my gears, guild skill and Enlightenment my accu reaches 47%.  Also, if you go for a dodge built (parry is better though), Enlightenment increases dodge as well. I hope I remember this one correctly that on lv1 Enlightenment only increases accu, on lv2 it adds up dodge and on lv3 it adds more accu again. So lv4 would increase dodge again, and that's useless unless you go for a dodge built.

Shield is also essential at lv3/4 because sometimes you have to use Rush to aggro mobs if they start attacking healers or someone else is going to die. It absorbs a pretty good amount of damage. 

I don't own two skills at all but I might change that. There is also one skill that increases attack speed + decreases skill cool down and another skill which lowers enemies evade attributes + increases penetration.

At this point you have to decide whether you wanna go as full attack Bladedancer, semi tank or tank. With my set up I can tank everything in dungeons (I'm full +10 though, with +8 and lower you couldn't do that) and I also deal a lot of damage usually. I guess I am semi tank/semi damager. Besides skills, I focused on attributes such as accuracy and critical hit. 

If you wanna be a tank and go full parry/dodge, don't level up any skills that boost your attack. 

If you wanna be a damager to 100%, don't mind shield, 3/4 Enlightenment, and split the other 4 skill points the way you consider as usefull. Attack speed skill + cooldown would make a lot of sense:)


Hope this was any helpful!:sad:

It can take a while to figure out the way you like to play. Until now, I haven't met any BD who pays attention to the same stats as I do. A lot of them are happy with 20% less accuracy with a preference for penetration. But penetration is of no use if it dodges your hits very often. Play a little bit around, try different set ups and decide for yourself what you feel comfortable with! The advices I gave are supposed to give you a deeper insight in what options you have, some little ideas that might be helpful in developing your own thoughts:advise:

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Posted (edited)

For burst dmg build i suggest to mix light and heavy gear to get high speed and as much pene possible.

SKills 4/4 Power of Blade and 4/4 Strike Hurricane with speed swords

For tanky build i recommend to get mix of craft and cc def bonus set with 27 tp axe

Skill 4/4 Power of blade and 4/4 shield.

Well, you may consider taking mark of bladedancer to 4/4 instead of shield

it gives 12% penetration which comes in handy

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