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[2019.03.18] Game servers restart

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Dear players!


Today, 18.03.19 at 13:40 CET, our game servers will be restarted due to the fixing of some bugs. The game will be unavailable for about 10 minutes.



  • World event “Game without rules”:

- Third stage: reduced the number of Power Installations that need to be destroyed for having completed stage
- Fifth stage: increased stage time to 15 minutes
Sixth stage: fixed the behavior of the boss Captain Swordtooth

  • Guild event in the dedicated area "Serpent Ring":

- 2-4 stages: reduced time to 10 minutes

  • reduced the difficulty of the "Hammer Seamen’s Shelter" holiday Dungeon (recommended level - 6)
  • fixed the error leading to a shutdown of game servers
  • Fixed incorrect value of the bonus in Magic Relic of Resilience - now the relic increases the effect power of the skill by 40% (will be available after the update)

Please, don't plan anything significant at this time.



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10min early and just when we was "planning to do something significant" :panda2: but mi like the event, so much to do:christmascandy:

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53 минуты назад, Higgings сказал:

@Reivenorik, I saw another change planned on the Russian section, about the new relic. Was there a bug or something?

Yes, of course, the description and effect of the new relic in the game were wrong, but on the forum, everything was written correctly. 
Now I will add this information here.:true_story1:

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