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Minions lvl up with player

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Hello, why minions arent leveling with player? It's a bit frustrating when u made new char and cant use ur good minion - 12hour because its only lvl5 and wont level up with you so its worth to use 16lv+ only or even 20lv+ else minion would be so weak after few hours of leveling character. Or I am wrong and their power scalles with level of player? 

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Generally they do level up, but you should re-summon them again in order for them to be stronger; don't use very strong minions on native islands; it might result in being a waste. Low tier minions are enough for these places, usually, and they're cheap as well. Use high tear minions with more tough jobs (Ayvondil for example). 

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If you can afford a 12h minion and have time to play this 12h in a roll, I'd tell you 100% go for it.. I'd probably active mine as soon as I feel like I need it. In practice, they're so much better than the most basic ones and will definitely save you a considerable amount of time and effort to get some quests done, specially when you got really low power and need some extra dmg, plus don't want to wait so long for your hp to recover - I use it with no regret.


:pardon:Higgings has a valid point, tho.

If you don't want to use it because you think its a waste, you can also get quests done together with players in the area, inviting them to party. If you get a group to level up with in map 1, minions will not be needed unless killing a boss. Just keep in mind that, then, you must interact and get help, wich can take time and require patience towards people who not know what they're doing :tongue: 


Anyway, I will ask devs about it and maybe they could change this in the future, if its possible, so that minions would level up as the char levels up )

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