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Costume Achievements & Storage


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I'll try to keep this short and simple

  • Add a gender parameter for all costumes (this already exists, example medal costumes)
  • Costumes such as Spawn, Engineer wouldn't have defined genders and would count as costumes, all other "costumes" would be clothes
  • Achievements for clothes would have 3 tiers example, collect 10, collect 50, collect 100 or what have you
  • Achievements for costumes would be similar to clothes
  • Separate achievements for raid boss costumes can be added as Mythical achievements
  • An achievement for costume collector can be added for anyone obsessed with owning them all
  • While on the topic this should be applied to smilies also
  • A separate inventory for outfits should be made when you click Menu > Character > Outfits
  • Outfit inventory slots expandable through Mcoin items


That is all and for the love of all that's holy please add a bank/locker system :bye:

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