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[2019.03.06] Warspear Online 7.10: The Pirate Putsch. Preview


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Spring was already come with its bright sunlight and singing birds, and that means it's time of the warmest of the holiday - the Honoring of the Spring King! Very soon you will be able to go to the Blissful Isle, where you will find dangerous adventures, mysterious conspiracies, solo Dungeons, treacherous bosses, world dynamic and new guild events, pirate treasures, chests, and other surprises. What else waits for the brave warriors on the island this year?


The beginning of spring on the Blissful Isle never gone through without surprises, most often unpleasant. This year was no exception: while the Spring King and Wickedora were preparing to celebrate the wedding anniversary, a whole squadron of ships moored to the shore of the island. Her captain, mysterious Admiral Octopus, paid a visit to the King, and after that the monarch announced the incredible news: the first in its history election of the king will soon be held on the Blissful Isle! Only few people were surprised when the Admiral Octopus announced his candidacy for the election. Many residents of the island thought that the election is something like national holiday and now they discuss with each other the news in taverns. Only some ask questions. Will this election go smoothly? And what is really on the mind of the mysterious Admiral Octopus? Did he decide to become the new king of the Blissful Isle no matter the cost?


Holiday Quests

Screenshot_5.png Screenshot_9.png Screenshot_7.png


The main storyline will help to reveal the secret of the appearance of Admiral Octopus and his thugs, and to expose the pirate conspiracy. Hurry up before the authority on the island is captured by enemies!


Daily quests for all tastes also will be available on the festive island: destroy coastal beacons, look for a treasure map in dark caves, collect black pearls hidden in pirate chests, or send love messages to all the dwellers of the island. Not only that, you can even participate in the election of the king on behalf of your Alliance!


Solo Dungeons

Screenshot_12.png Screenshot_13.png Screenshot_14.png


Six solo dungeons of the Blissful Isle welcome the most brave and valiant warriors. Are you ready to challenge yourself?


"The Hammer" is one of the best ships of Admiral Octopus’s squadron. The crew consists of hand-picked thugs that are ready to go even to the bottom of the sea for their Admiral. Not for a moment doubting the loyalty of the Hammer’s crew, the Admiral always trusts them with the most difficult and dangerous missions, on land and at sea. Going to the shores of the Blissful Isle, Octopus pre-assembled a team from the crew of the “The Hammer". The thugs were ordered to spread out across the island and wait for further instructions. There is no doubt that the hammerheaded pirates will stop at nothing to fulfill them.


Teleports in the Dungeons can send you different ways, but you can always come back to explore the whole mysterious maze. This is an optional condition, but in some locations you can find Spring Boxes with rewards, which will be a nice bonus. However, do not forget that the meeting the monsters can not be avoided too!


By the way, there is no time limit in these dungeons, but there is no one to help you too. Take your time, be careful and cautious!


World dynamic event “Playing against the rules”

Screenshot_21.png Screenshot_23.png Screenshot_25.png


At the main event of the holiday you will have to go through 6 amazing stages and at each of them you will help to stop coup d'etat on the Blissful Isle and crush the army of Admiral Octopus. Hurry up, warriors, we can't allow total mayhem!


The first stage “False agitation”

Admiral Octopus firmly believes that the end result justifies the means. Wanting to discredit the Spring King on the eve of the election, Octopus bribed the scoundrels and ordered them to impersonate the disgruntled dwellers of the Blissful Isle. Now troublemakers are sowing doubt in people's hearts. Destroy picketers to not allow lies to take control of citizens’ minds!


The second stage “Unfair methods”

Octopus ordered to put together a lot of fake voting booths, wanting to steal the votes that support the Spring King. Break all the booths to prove to the Admiral - he won’t be able to falsify the election!


The third stage “Build-up of power”

Octopus realized that the the Spring King’s people would not allow him to meddle in fair election. So now the Admiral decided to openly use force, and commanded to place devices filled with gunpowder everywhere. Destroy dangerous mechanisms and their operators before the Admiral will command to open fire!


The fourth stage “Old acquaintance”

A traitor will betray again. Midnight Owl, who once served the witch Momba, is again at the service of the dark forces. Now he became a messenger and a spy for Octopus. Remind the feathered villain that it's a bad idea to mess with the defenders of Arinar!


The fifth stage “Drastic measures”

Admiral Octopus decided to take a desperate step - he ordered the gunners to place all of the ship's guns on land! You need to destroy the artillery of the Admiral before the gunners open fire on the capital.


The sixth stage “Last barrier”

The Admiral's headquarters are guarded by Captain Sawtooth, Octopus's right hand and the commander of one of the best ships of his fleet. Sawtooth is ready to fight to the end: you will have to defeat this battle-scarred fighter to clear the way to the headquarters of the evil Octopus.


Restart time: 4 hours after the first stage starts on schedule: 02:05, 06:05, 10:05, 14:05, 18:05, 22:05 (CET)


Guild events

There are new features in Guild events! This time we present to you three events, two of which include new mechanics of exciting battles side by side with your fellow guild members! Can't wait to find out more? Ok, we will tell everything in detail now.


Dedicated area

Now in the game there will be special areas where dynamic events for guilds would be held. We defined key moments of this mode in the game to make it easier to understand the mechanics:

  • activation of the event happens individually for each guild
  • after activation of a Guild event of this type, the dedicated area will be generated for each guild
  • guild members are free to come in or out of the dedicated area throughout the event
  • when event is active, only guild members would be able to enter the dedicated area - for all of the other players the entrance will be unavailable
  • the event is divided into multiple stages, the conditions of which must be met in the time available
  • in the case of the death on the dedicated area guild members will be able to reappear around activated Respawn Statue or on place using the Life Scroll
  • the entrance to the dedicated area will be deactivated after completion of the Guild event, and all members of the guild that were inside will be transferred to the open world

Guild event in the dedicated area “Serpentine Ring”

 Screenshot_47.png Screenshot_56.png Screenshot_58.png


You will have to move step by step clearing the space from the vile creatures, but be careful - with each new stage the enemies will get stronger.


The first stage “Inside the ring”

You have stepped into the cave full of bloodthirsty guards. It's time to make a statement - and kill them all. You will be able to move on after clearing the central cave and securing the rear.


The second stage “New challenges”

The сentral cave is surrounded by three snake rings - the extended tunnels similar to the circles formed on water surface. The first ring is filled with numerous guards - you need to kill them before you can move further.


The third stage “Strengthen the onslaught!”

The second ring is much better guarded than the first one: poorly trained treasure hunters wouldn’t be able to break through the security there. Clean this area from the monsters too to show that your intentions remains unshaken, and the will is firm!


The fourth stage “External ring”

The third ring frames all the others, it is the longest and most dangerous. If you would be able to clear this ring from the bloodthirsty monsters, the glory of the conquerors of the Serpentine Ring is rightfully yours!


Conditions for activation: gather 5,000 Guild points.

Restart time: 8 hours after the event ends.



Guilds that participated in the battle for Castles before will immediately understand the mechanics of GvG-territory, but because such Guild dynamic events will take place in the game for the first time, and decided to highlight some important moments of this game mode:

  • the event will be activated for all guilds at the same time
  • when the event starts, the entrance activates and all guilds get to their own Military camps on the common GvG-territory
  • the Military camp for the guild is appointed when the first guild member enters the GvG-territory
  • guild members are free to come to and go out of the GvG-territory throughout the event
  • when event is active, only guild members can enter the GvG-territory - for all of the other players the entrance will be unavailable
  • all characters from another guild of any Alliance are considered hostile and their names are displayed in red, if PvP is allowed on the location
  • the revival on the GvG-territory will occur in a Military camp of the guild: as with the revival during the battle for the Castle
  • the entrance to the GvG-territory will be deactivated when your guild completes the event, and all members of the guild that were inside will be transferred to the entrance

Guild event on the GvG-territory “Secrets of Serpentarium”

Screenshot_46.png Screenshot_50.png Screenshot_51.png


All guilds will have one common enemy, but it will not be so easy to defeat him. You should make a choice: will you destroy everyone on your path with fellow guild members or will you cooperate with other guilds and kill the boss together. But whichever way you choose, we are sure that you will not be bored! So, go ahead and try to get your share of pirate treasure!


Serpentarium full of treasures attracts seekers of adventures and wealth. It is already under the siege and surrounded by military camps of the strongest guilds. However only few of treasure hunters get to the Serpentarium - most often they start the fight with greed-crazed warriors of other guilds on approaches to the treasury. Beat all of the competitors and break into the Serpentarium to fight the terrible Nagini!


Restart time: on schedule 03:30, 11:30, 19:30 (CET)


Guild dynamic event “King-usurper”

Screenshot_61.png Screenshot_62.png Screenshot_63.png


You need to free the Blissful Isle from the aggressor. Gather your guild and fight the Admiral Octopus!


Admiral Octopus planned to usurp power on the Blissful Isle to turn the prosperous kingdom into a huge pirate den. His plan was exposed, and now retribution is inevitable. You have the honor to punish the Admiral! Find the Octopus and call the scoundrel out for the last fight!


Conditions of activation: complete 30 times any dungeon on the Blissful Isle.

Restart time: 8 hours after the event ends.


Admiral Octopus

The Admiral Octopus practically signed his own death warrant when he decided to overthrow the Spring King. Аfter all brave warriors of Arinar will not allow the pirates to seize power on the Blissful Isle, right?


The name of Admiral Octopus used to resound throughout the Golden Archipelago decades ago, when he vowed to clear the islands from the corsairs. But pirates lured the Admiral into a trap and sent him to the bottom of the sea. But Sea Witch saved the Octopus from inevitable death - she put the spell on the Admiral and his men and turned them into violent thugs: half human, half monsters. Since then Admiral Octopus became the terror of the south seas. Forgotten the old ideals, he’s now not that different from the corsairs, boarding all the ships indiscriminately.


image2019-2-25 10_48_17.png


Holiday skills

Throughout the holiday event each player will get these special skills that will help in the battles with the insidious pirates:


icon_skill_sk19_anc (1).png Wrath of the Sea

You never know what to expect from the nature, but the one thing is clear - the enemies will not be happy about such sea gifts.


icon_skill_sk19_cra (1).png Sebastian’s help

Being a loyal assistant is not a new experience for Sebastian. He learned a lot over countless years, especially the art of war.



One more thing: we updated interface of the game menu! Now the most relevant information about the events can be found in a separate section of the menu. There will be all available in-game events, time before they start or finish, conditions of activation, description of each stage and awards. More details about this - in release.


All other information about awards and gifts will be available on the release day. We also prepared some surprises for you, so next week's update will be interesting!




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8 минут назад, REAPER сказал:

I  saw a movie made after this event. It was called Pirates of the Caribbean! Johnny Depp was staring in it. 

It really was! :like_a_sir1:

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GvG and Solo dungeon and amazing graphics thx devies and admins :christmashug:


Cant wait for update ^^ will help out in testing bugs at test server

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Ayyy, lets go! Solo dungeons are the best, cant wait.


P. S. Add solo dungeons that would be available all year round, maybe a special level in all the current dgs:pigface:

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  • Administrators
4 минуты назад, lallouss сказал:

Cant wait for update ^^ will help out in testing bugs at test server

Wait for test servers next week, I’ll definitely get links for you! :true_story1:

3 минуты назад, Mercurry сказал:

P. S. Add solo dungeons that would be available all year round, maybe a special level in all the current dgs:pigface:

Then you will lose interest in this holiday! 

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Can link test server?

Guilg event 🤔

Dolog dugeon 😎


icon_skill_sk19_anc (1).png Wrath of the Sea

You never know what to expect from the nature, but the one thing is clear - the enemies will not be happy about such sea gifts. 

This give random de buf for enemy like poison or stun?

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1 минуту назад, Som сказал:

Can link test server?



13 минут назад, Reivenorik сказал:

Wait for test servers next week


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  • Administrators
10 минут назад, BgVoin сказал:

Is lvl 30 and new area map coming with this update?

There will be a new area, but only for the time of the event
Do not confuse with the new sector, this update will be later :true_story1:

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11 minutes ago, Reivenorik said:

Do not confuse with the new sector, this update will be later :true_story1:

When are we gonna get that 2nd developmental preview :hmm:

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Theory: Those pirates came from t5 ayvondil to ruin spring for us also trying to take over the island with their so-called "election". However Wickedora knows their corruptive plans and decides to come back and ally with us and win the election. Then the pirates will be mad at us and prepare a harsh place (5th Ayvondil sector) and ally with sea monsters to kill us. :dirol:


Anyway, very excited for the GvG stuff, looks very promising! And the pirate theme looks great too. There better be some hidden easter eggs about new sector in this update, the pirate theme doesn't seem like a coincidence to me:hmm:

8 hours ago, Peony said:

We also prepared some surprises for you, so next week's update will be interesting!


Image result for hmm pewdiepie

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3 минуты назад, MalekNecromancer сказал:

when are we gonna have the test server? 😛

You will never get to the test server until you read the messages under this post.

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3 hours ago, Reivenorik said:

There will be a new area, but only for the time of the event
Do not confuse with the new sector, this update will be later :true_story1:

Much much later. Let's assume 2020.

Some very big questions with very little answers but if I may ask:


Will level 30 Armour of Greatness be in the T5, Sector update? 

What is max imperial points? 

You understand the concept for GvG, But what of PvP? Does that exist? 

And lastly please don't give The T5 sector Raid boss lame Book Enhancements, I can almost be sure you will implement Dodge and parry enhance as Drops for the next Raid boss. 


Thank you for your time and this update Development team, 

Yours truly - The one player you won't pvp (:<

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