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Last Expert Skill of Death Knight


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Last expert skill of Death Knight, which is Bloody Protection, is very useless, because it works after Dark Shield skill and its effect reduces quite. Here is an example tried on a green mob in third town of Ayvondil; mob hits me normally 178 without Dark Shield (5/5), it hits 46. After that, I use Bloody Protection (4/4- %50 reduction on dmg) andmob hits me 23. I cannot think a DK without 5/5 Dark Shield, it is best skill of Death Knight. But if a DK has Dark Shield, using other expert is really very useless even if it is 4/4. Moreover, last expert's effect time is so short. It has 8 seconds on effect on 4/4, and its cooldown is 22 seconds. This situation also makes new skill useless. Consequently, Ithink new skill needs to work before Dark Shield, so it will be more useful. Also, its effeckt time may be extended too. Please work on it. Thanks.

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actually from what you wrote .-.

your dark shield reduces 132 dmg which is about 4.5k if my calculations are right xD ( tell me how much defence you have please ( because i am doing some formulas ) )

in pvp ,wars, castles this 132 would be very useless but the 50% reduction would be broken so don't conclude that it's useless because pve only.

almost all warlock skills experts are for pvp

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