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Im thinking that Druid need to get Nerf

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+10 druid with castle pots are unbeatable.Druid can stun,heal,use minion,shield,... and we add castle pots heal pot that class is unbeatable do something for that please these rule is for all level druids can be not only 22 24 26 28 others can use that hp buff in arena and cant die.

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3 hours ago, Kaesarz said:

it stinks to meet one of them in arena :panda6:




not only druids, to be in arena with many other players +10 is fcked



Hogging arena with already full arena gear. It took me 2 months to get 30k ap. Now since players expected lvl 30 cap, they gonna spam for max ap. Everyone say I need arena weap or gear. Well no shit, if i had more ap.

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