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Small Beaked Griffin Warroir

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  • These mighty warriors guard the summit of the volcanic mountains of irselnort, no one knows what these creatures hide that's so important they even sacrifice them selves for it to be hidden for many centuries. But behind there anger and monstrous fighting skills hides a strange beauty that doesn't match with the cruel conditions of the biomes they inhabit.
    • The costume is made of colored feathers so colorful that they seem to shine under the light of sun.
    • A yellow beak that makes you think its made of gold, but when you touch it, it feels vibrant.
    • Brown claws so sharp that they scratch the stone with minimum pressure.

1-1 scale


1-6 scale


😉 I hope you like it,

I could have thought of a better name, but i put a most of my time in drawing it and that's the best i can think of.


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