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Mischievous Raccoon

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(I hope I'm not late for this....)


Hello everyone! I'd like to present my costume to you all.


Mischievous Raccoon!


2rrx6ih.png 58jh1.png


The costume was created as a depicition of a folklore tale about a 

raccoon that caused mischief during valentines day. Unlike cupid

who would shoot his arrows of love at people that needed just a little

push to confess to their beloved one, this raccoon would shoot his arrows at random targets, causing a very chaotic valentines day!

Noone ever knew how he got his paws onto the arrows in the first




materials used for the costume:

For the clothing some silk and leather for the belts. Also of course

fur! - but do not worry - its not actual fur taken from a real poor

raccoon. It's imitated fur. But its still very comfy and realistic looking,

some fine stuff from the Chainless League merchants.

He also has a bag of arrows on his back. Also made from leather.


I hope you like my costume, thanks for reading if you did! :)


character name: Raezer

server: EU-Emerald

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