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Wasp Queen


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Long time ago, druids nurture bioluminescent wasps for they are Arinar’s greatest source of light during night time. These wasps also gives off a life energy that help any kinds of plant to grow fast and and the reason of the abundance of harvest in Arinar. Wasps can only be controll and summon by druids.

During the great war, wasps were used by druids to blind and slow the enemies pace which leads the enemy to scatter from their formation. The scattering of enemy were the sign of sentinel to lunch attack.

The bioluminesence of wasp makes it differ from an ordinary wasp for it luminates blue ligjt. Its also secretes bluish fluids that melt any kinds of heavy metals. Its bluish light radiates healing effects to sentinels but pain to Legions.

The bioluminescent Wasp Queen only stays at their colony to lay eggs and takes care of them. The queen has 4 arms; 2 small and 2 large, she used its bigger arm for standing and waliking in small distance while the small as hand. When the queen went out from its colony, it radiates light equivalent to moon’s light and makes all plants go bloom. When that happens, the queen is ready to transfer its throne to another deserving to be a Wasp Queen by stinging.

The legendary queen still haven’t went out from her colony and pass its throne for she doesn’t found yet its inheritor.

Is the new queen isn’t born yet ?


(PS.: im tired of creepy description so I think gentle description will do 😄 )savedata2'.pngsavedata2.png

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