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Kire the Dark Knight


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Hello , i found out about the contest last night , so this is what i have come up with.

My char is named Fufica EM. 

Down below are my drawings and the story behind the costume. I hope i win the 1st place not  because of the m coins price but because i wanna have that costume put on my character. i also have larger format pics and gifs.

beta knight.pngbeta knight. knight front.pngknight front. knight back.pngknight back. extras 1.pngextras. gif knight.gifGIF knight. (took me lot of time to make).

I did not made side view because it would take me many more hours, if i win i want his shoulders to be a little wide apart now they re very close to the body to meet width limit. and also to be little lowered when seen from back. I prefer name for costume Kire the Dark Knight but could be changed + - .

PS: to devs - if something is wrong please let me know i don't wanna be dismissed from the best contest on ws. 


Here is The story of the Dark Knight:


1*. Long time ago lived the people of Baldamur. Baldamur was the continent of the Divine nation , it was very prosperous land with many beautiful forests, mountains, rivers and many many riches. Everyone seemed to be very happy , baldamur's people did not like wars and battles, they were the nation of piece, prosperity and wisdom having many alchemist,cleric and advanced fighting schools. The continent was surrounded by three other continents , some of them friendly some of them not. Baldamur was the most prosperous continent of the four, and hence many sought to capture it.
But it wasn't always like that, it was all due to the strong king who was ruling the kingdom, the king Mumar. Mumar was very wise and strong warrior who build a great wall across the continent's mountains so that his villages can spread and feel save from enemy attacks. Mumar was very religious man. The people of baldamur believed in two gods: the god Paladin and the goddess Maga. In his entire life he managed to not go into a single war, saving a lot of resources unlike the other kingdoms who invested

heavily into artillery, hence the kingdom was very rich. In the village named Vilantra lived a young boy. His name was Kire. Kire was living in a lower rank family but yet that did not stopped him from dreaming big. He wanted to be a knight, not any knight but the best knight that ever walked the earth. The people believed that the one who could master the weapons of the paladin and the magic of maga could have infinite power and strength. No one knew where people could learn the magic of maga, many saying that a shaman living on the tallest mountain which was on the third continent had learned the magic with the help of the goddess. Kire was training every day with his mace and shield getting closer and closer to accomplishing his dream. Few years have passed and the once young boy, now became rank 4 knight. Then he started practicing two handed hammer in order to become knight from the third rank. Years were passing fast for the happy nation of baldamur. But it was not like that for some other nations.

2* One day in the middle of summer one unknown warrior-currier riding a black horse came in front of the Baldamur's gates. He told to Mumar that the fourth kingdom, Draenor which was lead by the ruthless king Darkanar is preparing a huge army to fight and conquer Baldamur. The king immediately called all wise people to debate what should be done. Draenor was the most evil land, a land where was believed that humans come back from death, a topic which was forbidden to talk amongst the divine nation.It was believed that an old once walked to the land of the dead. According to the elders when the, then young man saw the reign of terror and cruelty on the land, he lost his vision, and the god paladin helped him on his way back to home by making him clairvoyant. The meeting was over and the king decided to form and army and strengthen his walls in case of a war. Mumar went to the clairvoyant to seek advice. the old man told him "There will be chaos, many will die. Huge flock of birds will darken the skies. But one warrior will stand amongst others". One year has passed and bladamurians were prepared for the battle they didn't want to enter. Meanwhile in vilantra Kire has become rank 2 warrior mastering all melee weapons. He certainly was ready for war. At his school he met a young valkyrie , named Likena. She was learning to wield shield and longsword so that she could protect her self and her family from any evil. They fell in love and even despite the upcoming war they got married.

3* Winter came and so did the war. The army of Darkanar had many bird riding necromancers and warlocks who could possess animals and turn them into killing beasts. The war lasted for few months and darkanars finaly made a passage into the kingdom, while losing a lot of their army. Darkanar saw that he could not defeat the skilled mages because they had very strong healing powers coming from many chanting priests, and in that same moment he saw a young girl wielding silver heavy armour. Before what was left of his troops who starter retrieving the land, he managed to grab her on his huge horse obsessed by dark magic and ran away.The king Momar declared victory and everyone started celebrating. But it was not very celebratory for Kire, whose wife was taken away. Immediately he grabbed his horse and went to the clairvoyant to seek for help. The old man told him that with the skills he has, he stand absolutely no chance against Darkanar. It was believed that Darkanar was once a god who wanted to destroy Paladin to rule the world, and that Paladin with his force sent him to the underworld for eternal punishment. There Darkanar learned some dark abyssal magic to revive him self and go back to earth, while also forging him self a very big sword imbued with the darkest magic in the universe. The old man told Kire that in order to defeat Darkanar, he must learn the magic of maga. Then Kire asked : but where can i find the scrolls for that magic, old man ? The man responded: you shall seek at the top of the highest mountain the one who touches Maga's hands in the skies. Kire thanked the wise man and left immediately beginning his adventure to bring his wife back.

He was traveling for 2 years and finally he went to the place described by the clairvoyant. There he found a shaman who offered to help him , but in return of giving the shaman one of his future sons , once he brings his wife back so that the shaman could have student to pass his knowledge to. The deal was made and Kire began learning magic from the old scrolls. Four months have passed. Kire's armours were no longer shiny silver pieces of craftsmanship, but instead were now imbued with magic and became darker, the shaman imbued a holy cross into kire's armours to shield him from evil forces. He was ready to step into the cursed kingdom to defeat Darkanar and take his wife back.

4* The dark knight went deep into draenor and found a cave that will lead to the deepest dungeon where Darkanar lives. He battled a lot of deathknights and possessed mages onto his way into the caves. After long battles he finally came in front of the kings room. Darkanar was awaiting him and unleashed all his curse potions and health stealing scrolls. It was this time when Good and Evil met. The duel was long and exhausting, but Kire was fighting smart. he saw that if he could manage to break the enemy's sword he could defeat him. Darkanar used a life stealing potion and started draining Kire's health fast. Kire was losing his strength, but at the last bit of his health managed to use great elixir of curse removal and removed all curses from his self. He then immediately healed him self with the magic which he learned from the shaman, and used a scroll which granted his armor higher defense from the incoming melee attacks of Darkanar's Sword. Darkanar saw that he cant do anymore damage and he became furious. his sword started to break and when he hit the dark warriors' holy cross the sword broke. In that moment Kire placed a banner near the enemy and in a blink of an eye used purification killing Darkanar. The warrior could not believe that he defeated the most evil warrior on earth.

5* The knight took his wife back to Baldamur. There the king was dead by that time and when people saw that he mastered both melee weapons and magic they gave him the corwn and made him a king. Kire was living happy life and had many children. One day he went to the shaman and gave him one of his sons so that the shaman could pass his knowelegde and returned to his castle to live happy peaceful live.


* the numbers are reference for the 5 elements of plot. 


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i put wrong size image at the end, and so i remove it.
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Sorry i got mad, man, but i was like waiting for a "its cool" "nice job", and all i got was you complaining.

Next time try to be nicer. Its free and makes people feel good.

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